Organisational Units

Common organisational units are re-usable components.

An HR department appears to be a one-off invention for each organisation, but it is staffed by human resources professionals who have received their experience in other organisations. No HR department starts from scratch — it will be a fork and adaption from other HR departments. The same applies for Finance and IT departments, Sales and Procurement.

Further, there will be preference to using the skills from other organisations in the same industry, particularly for industry specific production — Iron and Steel making, Banking and Insurance, Education, Public Service, Hospitals.

However, each organisation will overlay this with their own, organisation specific, market position and strategies.

Services become self implementing. HR services become what the HR depatment delivers. IT services become what the IT department delivers. The question is whether this would be improved if the services were explicit, rather than implicit. At least from IT, there has been a movement to describe the services explicitly through ITIL [1] and similar standards. Would these be improved if the department activities were scoped by service system descriptions rather than "just what we do"?

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