Awareness Network

Awareness is a range of co-ordination practices performed by competent social actors to accomplish their work: monitoring their colleagues’ actions to understand how these actions impact their own work and, while doing their work, displaying their actions in such a way that others can easily monitor them. [1]

The Awareness Network is the network of actors whose activities are monitored, and who monitor the activities of others, to create the proper awareness required for activity co-ordination.

A key component of the creation of the Awareness Network is therefore:

how social actors identify the colleagues who should be monitored and those colleagues to whom their actions should be displayed. [1]

Allied with this is also the form and content of notification required to create Awareness.

From a Service Science perspective, an important consideration is whether the Awareness Network is a sub-network of the Service Value Network, or is an independent network even if the two may significantly overlap in connections.

1. de Souza, C.R.B. & Redmiles, D. 2007, 'The awareness network: To whom should I display my actions? And, whose actions should I monitor?', paper presented to the Tenth European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Limerick, Ireland.
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