Differences In Belief

One of the most important subjective factors to collect is differences in belief. And an important part of this belief is the role of various actors.

For example, talking with one of my project managers, she believed that the relationship between the enterprise architecture group and the project was 'Advisory'. I believe, and I think they will believe, that their relationship is 'Governance'.

If the relationship is governance (note the direction), how do the enterprise architects enforce that governance? At the moment, the change management processes are at the design phase of which the enterprise architects form part of the sign-off, so after that, there is little control. However, the enterprise group have direct access to the CIO, so their political power is significant, so even without formal control points, the project manager will not want to cross them. However, if she sees their role as advisory, she may not even understand she may be at risk of political sanctions.

In this case, we have agreed not to discuss this point. Settling this point would also influence the relationship question between ourselves, as this governance would be exercised through myself, which would give me more power in the project.

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