Roles And Tool Choice

The scope (role) for an individual influences their preference in tools.

For example, consider the choice of MS Project vs. Primavera vs. SAP (Project Module).

For most team (operations) members, MS Project is the best. Easy to use, and set up, documents can be emailed and stored on the local drive. Every project managers knows how to use MS Project.

For unit managers, Priavera gives resource management and protfolio management capabilities not available in MS Project. A classic document centric vs. database centric view of the world.

For IT architects, the answer is SAP, since the ERP should be used whenever possible to maximise the vailability of data across the enterprise. Another example of specialist vs. generalist tool argument.

However, no team member will accept SAP as their schedule solution. Totally unfit for task.

IT will fail if they force the business users to accept a tool not suitable ==as seen by the users==

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